Action Ideas

Action ideas guide to help you organise a #RiseForClimate event on 8 September.

There are countless ways to communicate your message, and creativity can help you reach people in new ways, and make sure you get the attention from local media and on social media. The important thing, is finding the right tactic for you.



  • Step 1: Asking the right questions

Sometimes the best way to support a group in making a decision is by asking clarifying questions. Co-creating answers to these questions can help a group come to agreement, or recognise places where there are different possible ways forward or differences of opinion. More than one answer is ok, but it is good to have those different views named. Here are a few suggestions of clarifying questions for groups to gain alignment before deciding on a tactic:

Tone: What feel do you want the action to have? Are you celebrating your power or mourning the loss of local traditions or species?

Audience: Who are you speaking to? Who are you trying to influence with your action? What are the best ways to reach that audience?

Location: What local sites are relevant or emblematic to this story?

Organizing Goal: What specific groups do you want to build alliances with? Are you trying to grow your numbers or deepen the commitment of existing members?

Campaigning Goal: What does success look like? How does this action fit into the long-term work you are engaged in?

Tactics Review: What tactics has your group used in the past? Which of these worked well? What worked about them? What didn’t work? Are you looking to escalate your tactics (towards more direct confrontation) or deepen the understanding of divestment?


  • Step 2: Choose a Tactic

With ideas about tone, audience, goals and the success of past tactics – have a look at the Action Ideas below or brainstorm ideas for what your group can do for the Global Divestment Mobilisation. Click here for a suggestion on how to run a brainstorm.


Photo Aerial Photo Portraits Impacted Portraits Impacts Teach-ins and Public Storytelling Petition Drop Petition Drop Occupations Site Occupations
Mobilizations Mass Mobilizations Subvertising and Brandalism Chainlinks Show the chainlinks between Investments and Impacts Art Impacted Land Art Culture Impacted Culture
Projection Projection Interventions Give an Award Give an Award for Climate Impacts Light up Light up the Night

Aerial Photo

Show the People-Power behind your message

Hundreds of people gather with blue cardboard and fabrics in the dried-up riverbed of New Mexico. Photo: Michael Clark


With aerial photography the medium is the message. The presence of many people communicates that this is something important to many people, the image formed by the people communicates the message. What image could you form that shows a local impact? What location could you go to to show what is missing or what has changed because of climate change. Do you want people wearing colours? Getting this right requires some preparation: think about shadows and the position of the sun, if you’ll be shooting from an angle remember that the image will be foreshortened.