May 17, 2024

Rallying Communities to Shape Our Climate Future: Stories of Impact & Resilience

A woman is facing the camera, holding a sign saying 'renewable energy for communities'

The focus of our climate movement is clear: a world powered by climate-friendly, safe, affordable and just energy sources. We are making this a reality through moving from fossil fuel driven systems to those run on renewable energy. 

At the core of this energy transition lies the collective strength of communities. Worldwide, local groups are challenging the dominance of fossil fuels, rejecting their social acceptance, and pushing for their phased withdrawal. Along with advocating for better energy solutions, these communities are actively building them, whether it is through large-scale projects or grassroots initiatives.

It is the efforts of such ordinary people that really hold the key to achieving climate justice. Whether it’s through empowering others to own their energy generation or ensuring direct benefits from its production, community energy initiatives are the ones transforming our world based on fossil fuels to one driven by renewable energy. In fact, one thing is clear –  communities aren’t merely rallying beside us; they’re leading the charge. 

So let’s have a look at four amazing stories from different corners of the world that show us just how powerful community-led climate solutions can be. Together, we’re not just envisioning a better world; we’re actively building it, one community at a time:





These stories together present a vital fact: the future of renewable energy depends on what we do together as communities. These stories highlight that locals aren’t waiting for others to solve the problem—they’re driving change from the ground up. Moreover, in the face of climate-induced adversity, these resilient communities stand better prepared to support each other and bounce back.

Embracing this community-led approach to renewable energy, unlocks more than just cleaner air and water. It propels us closer to a world where each individual can have access to 100% safe, affordable and climate-friendly energy. The examples of Indonesia and Ghana vividly demonstrate how community initiatives can foster energy independence and lead us towards a sustainable energy future.  

Further, when we do cultivate stronger communities, we get a chance to hear each voice, particularly those historically marginalized, setting us up for a future that leaves no one behind. The unwavering dedication of groups like the Amazon Coalition showcases the power of community solidarity in fighting for climate justice, while efforts like those of 350NC in the US highlight the transformative potential of fostering collaboration among everyday citizens. Read more about’s impact through the lens of communities we collaborate with in our brand new Annual Report!

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