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Sample content and resources to help spread the word about Rise for Climate - a global day of action for a fossil free world on 8 September


The social media hashtag is #RiseForClimate — follow the momentum and use it when sharing your own Rise for Climate stories and content.

You can also use #fossilfree or the hashtag for your local action (eg.#climatejobsjustice for the California mobilisation).


Here are five easy tips to help people spread the word via social media:


*New* Digital Reporting Guide

If you’re planning an action or event, and want to know how to best cover it online using just your mobile phone (and a few other tools) — here are some tips.

Digital Coverage Tips

Share and make videos

Share the latest #RiseForClimate video from:  Facebook YouTube

And why not make and share your own videos?   You could film yourself or your group preparing for 8 September or sharing simple messages about why you’ll #RiseForClimate.  Here are some tips are shooting videos and photos on your mobile phones.  Include the hashtag and we’ll share the best content globally too.

Make your own graphics and posters

Put up posters in your local area or workplace.  Hand out flyers at upcoming public events or by going door-to-door.  Create a graphic to use in your #riseforclimate social media posts.

Here’s a fantastic new poster generator tool where you can customise your own graphics, then download or print them off!

Sample Text for Posts

Facebook + Instagram

We’re not running out of time. We are out of time. Join the #RiseForClimate global day of action this Sept 8 and boldly stand to demand real climate leadership.  [LINK TO YOUR ACTION RSVP PAGE or ]

There is a simple measure for real climate leadership: no new fossil fuel projects and a fast, just transition to 100% renewable energy.[LINK TO YOUR ACTION RSVP PAGE or ] #riseforclimate

People are rising up around the world on September 8th to demand real climate leadership from every level of government. Together, we’ll show that people everywhere are committed to a just transition away from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy for all. #RiseforClimate [LINK]

Renewable energy has never been cheaper or more widespread. It’s time to #RiseForClimate and embrace the inevitable renewable energy revolution. Take a stand this September 8 and help accelerate a fair and just transition. [LINK TO YOUR EVENT RSVP PAGE or]

It’s time to repower our communities with clean, renewable energy from the sun, earth, wind and water. Join the #RiseForClimate global day of action and be a part of the solution the world needs.[LINK TO YOUR EVENT RSVP PAGE or]

We must rise to the level of action this crisis demands. Make sure you and your community join the #RiseForClimate mobilisation on September 8. [LINK TO YOUR ACTION RSVP PAGE or]
Real climate leadership means [… enter your own ideas here].  Join me on 8 September, let’s #RiseForClimate
I’m going to #RiseForClimate on September 8.  Join me in [your location] or find an event near you:



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#RiseForClimate Content To Share