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Coming up this 8th September, Rise is a global day of action to stop the climate crisis and to push local leaders to build the Fossil Free world we all need.

Already, there are 483 actions planned in 71 countries, and counting. Will you be a part of it?

Join Rise for Climate

As storms, floods and wildfires have been hitting the headlines and devastating the lives of people around the world in the past few weeks, it’s hard to imagine a world where the weather is becoming even more extreme. But this is the reality of the moment we’re living through. Rise for Climate is a moment when we stand together to say — enough. No more stalling, it’s time for action.

We’re rising for justice for communities being affected by climate change right now. For a safe climate for future generations. For the 100% renewable energy future that we need, and a fair transition that leaves no-one behind.

That’s why in city streets and town squares across the world, people are rising up to demand local leaders stand with their communities and commit to going Fossil Free.

But to make this moment unstoppable, we need you to head out into the streets to your nearest Rise event and show your support.

We can keep fossil fuels in the ground, and build a renewable future we all deserve — but first it’s time to organize. By all showing up at our nearby events we can make 8th September a moment of global solidarity and a people-powered tipping point.

Let’s do this!


If you haven’t joined the Rise for Climate movement yet, find or start a local action near you:

Join Rise for Climate