Coordination resources

Rise for Climate Safety & Risk Toolkit

This toolkit outlines a number of steps that event organisers should take when planning and executing your event to maximize the safety and security of all participants.

Check out the Safety & Risk Toolkit

Tasks & Coordination of Roles in a Mobilisation

This guide will help you think through the possible roles and tasks that you need to allocate for your event – from logistics to media.

Check out the roles resource

Images and Art

Art Toolkit

This toolkit will help your team put creativity at the centre of your Rise for Climate event. Apply your voices, bodies and the things we make with our hands together to make bright, lively and powerful Rise for Climate events.

Download the Art Toolkit

Poster and Flyer Maker

If you need a poster or a flyer to help with your event you can use the Rise For Climate Poster & Flyer Maker to make a great look custom poster you can print at home to promote your action.

Create a Poster or Flyer

Rise For Climate Sign Designs

These designs are hand made paper cuts made by a team of artists from Paperhand Puppet Intervention; a theater company that annually creates giant pageants that advocate for the earth and it’s inhabitants. They feature the unifying X and Sun symbols. They can be used online as graphics, offline as posters or flyers, you can copy the black and white version and hand color (watercolors, thinned-with-water paint, color pencils, markers, pastels. etc) or have an art party and do a bunch, it can be used for screen printing. It’s also designed so the top text can be substituted with another language or your own info.

Download the designs

Rise For Climate Songbook

The Rise for Climate Songbook developed by Thrive Street Choir + Peace Poets + RISE Arts. Songs you can sing at your Rise event to bring energy and inspiration.

Check out the Songbook

Digital Guides

Reporting about your event

If you’re planning an action or event, and want to know how to best cover it online using just your mobile phone (and a few other tools) — here are some tips. With just a few steps, you can ensure that many people see and hear about what happened.

Check out the Reporting about your event page

How to use Action Network

This guide is a good reference for all your needs on Action Network. It shows you how to set up event pages, email your RSVPs and more.

Download the Action Network Guide

Media & Communications

Guidelines for photographers

This document includes guidance for professional and volunteer photographers covering events during Rise For Climate.

Check out the Guidelines

Rise for Climate Traditional Media & Communications Toolkit

This media toolkit walks you through how to use the news to communicate your power, campaigns and movement with the world. It includes tips on training spokespeople, identifying your communications goals, talking points on Rise for Climate, template media releases and more. Let’s get to work!

Download the Media & Communications Toolkit

Planning and Organising

Rise for Climate Organising Guide

The step-by-step guide to help you organise a #RiseForClimate event on 8 September. From recruitment to event planning, this guide will help you get ready for an awesome Rise for Climate event.

Check out the Organising Guide

After Rise, what next? Guide to growing you group

This guide will help you prepare plans for what happens after Rise, and to make the most of the momentum and the people that you have reached.

Check out the Growing your group Guide

Rise for Climate Action Ideas

Loaded with action ideas and an outline of the uniting symbols of Rise for Climate to help you organise a creative and powerful #RiseForClimate event on 8 September.
Check out the Action Ideas

Rise for Climate 2-page Overview

This 2-page overview provides the global context for Rise for Climate, the goals for the day of action, and some guidance on what sort of action to organise. It’s an ideal document to share with partner groups to encourage them to get involved.

Check out the 2-page overview

Action Planning Workshop Guide

This workshop is part of preparing for a global wave of actions around the globe. What actions might we want to do? How do these fit with the global day of action? How do we expand our action creativity – so we can be the most powerful river? Answering these questions is the goal of running this workshop.

Download the workshop guide

Recruitment Guide

As we prepare to Rise for Climate on 8 September (Rise), we need to proactively recruit people to join our events and actions. We can’t just depend on emails or social media to recruit for our events. By doing public outreach, we can grow our strength in numbers that will create the impact we need.

Download the Rise Recruitment Guide

Teachers and Schools Guide

Today’s young people face the greatest burden from climate change, yet had no hand in creating it. Leadership of youth against the climate crisis is critical, to hold adults and elected officials accountable to take meaningful action against climate change.

Taking part in the Rise for Climate Global Day of Action is an opportunity for action-based and impact-focused learning about climate change and the world for students and schools.

Download the Rise For Climate Teacher Resource