It’s not everyday that we get to bring you a triple dose of good news.

After tireless campaigning from organisations, including, the UK has left the dangerous Energy Charter Treaty. We’ve also seen rich nations resolve their disputes and appoint representatives to a crucial climate fund. Finally, Probitas, a major insurance company, has refused to insure two major fossil fuel projects, one of which is the East African Crude Oil Pipeline.

Wins happen because of people who keep taking action, always speaking truth to power. These victories are not just wins; they are beacons of hope for our planet.

Picture this: after a relentless push from climate warriors nationwide, the UK has made the bold move to ditch the troublesome Energy Charter Treaty. This treaty was like a golden ticket for big fossil fuel companies to throw lawsuits at countries that dared to stand-up to them to tackle climate change. But not anymore! With the UK out of the picture, it’s like we’ve closed a door that once led to a maze of legal battles, giving our planet a breather from corporate bullying.

Now, onto the second triumph – a tale of rich nations stuck in bureaucratic bickering while the clock ticked for our climate. There was this crucial fund waiting to be unleashed for countries struggling with climate impacts, but the rich kids couldn’t agree on who gets a seat at the boardroom table. Outrageous, right? So, we launched a thunderous petition, rallying over 20,000 to demand they stop squabbling and get down to business. And guess what? They listened! Now the fund can get on with ensuring money gets to the countries experiencing the devastation of climate impacts.

These victories aren’t just about paperwork or legal jargon; they’re about people coming together, raising voices, and creating ripples of change that turn into tidal waves of progress toward transformative climate justice. 

In a final win for our planet, Probitas 1492, a major insurance player in London, has officially declared that they will not be providing insurance for two massive fossil fuel projects: the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) and the West Cumbria Coal Mine.

This groundbreaking decision comes hot on the heels of a peaceful sit-in at Probitas’ lobby orchestrated by Christian Climate Action (CCA) and a daring act of protest where the office was splattered with red paint by a fearless group called “Stop the System.”

The pressure from Insure Our Future Global Week of Action played a pivotal role in securing this victoryIt’s a testament to the power of collective action and a reminder that every voice and every action counts in our fight to protect the planet.

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Let’s celebrate now and gear up for the next challenge on our journey towards a sustainable and thriving world for all.

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