The Amazon Basin found itself on the brink of an environmental crisis, with the prospect of fossil fuel exploration casting a dark shadow over its future. A diverse group of Indigenous Peoples, riverside dwellers, and Quilombola communities from Silves and Itapiranga got together to counter these potentially devastating projects, and formed the Amazon Coalition that we are proud to be a part of.

The Amazon Coalition adopted a multi-pronged approach to amplify their message and advocate for resistance for fossil fuel exploration. We initiated a Public Civil Action (PCA) to contest irregular public hearings and environmental licenses granted by regulatory bodies. Through rigorous legal scrutiny and persuasive advocacy, we highlighted the absence of consultation with impacted communities and the potential environmental hazards of gas exploration activities.

The coalition against fossil fuel exploitation in the Amazon went beyond legal action, conducting grassroots workshops and awareness campaigns to empower local communities. We established communication networks to coordinate stakeholders and foster unity, while effectively raising awareness and garnering global support through targeted media outreach and public events. By amplifying the voices of Indigenous leaders and activists through traditional and digital media, and collaborating with journalists and artists to craft compelling narratives, the coalition highlighted the environmental and social risks posed by fossil fuel activities, emphasizing the importance of protecting the Amazon rainforest from unsustainable development.

In May 2023, the collective endeavors of the Amazon Coalition culminated in a significant victory for environmental justice. The 7th Federal Environmental Court in Manaus ruled to suspend the public hearings and environmental licenses for gas exploration activities in the Azulão Field. This landmark ruling not only put a stop to destructive projects but also upheld the rights of Indigenous peoples and traditional communities to be consulted and heard in matters concerning their lands.


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