So. Two more days until Rise. You’ve checked the map. You’ve got your event that you’re hosting or RSVP’d to. You’re excited and raring to go. Are you ready? Have you thought of everything you need for the day, and what comes next?

Have a quick run through this checklist to see if everything’s in place to make the most of the big day:

1. Check your event

Make sure you double check the details: What is the location? What time should you get there? Is transportation organized?  How much time do you need to get to the meeting point? Have the organizers said anything about dressing a certain way or bringing certain things? (Bonus tip: check the weather report!)

2. Prep materials

If your action involves banners – have they been made? Is there a working group you can join to get these ready in time? Do you need posters? For inspiration, check out some of the art on the Rise website; there’s an arts toolkit and poster and flyer maker available. But don’t underestimate simple, handcrafted banners too.

3. Invite more people

Now is the time to get a couple more stragglers onboard. Nudge those friends who weren’t sure if they could make it. Invite others who don’t have any plans. And post some reminders online to get more people to turn up. If you’re not quite sure what to say, there’s some sample ideas here.

4. March

Or do whatever your action requires you to do! Paint! Sing! Give free hugs to bystanders! But most of all: have fun! And don’t forget to tell your story and broadcast the amazing thing you’re doing, using the hashtag #RiseforClimate. You can check out this digital coverage guide for making your in-person actions to come to life online.

If you are not the host of an event, make sure to try and connect with the organizers while you’re there, to follow up on step 5.

5. Find out the next action you can take

We know Rise will translate into actionable commitments to go Fossil Free from local leaders around the world. But there’s no doubt we’ll need even more in the coming weeks and months. After September 8, let’s keep the pressure up. Get connected with the Fossil Free movement and find another local action to join – there’ll be plenty within the next month.