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It’s early summer for most, but we’ve already had a taste of the harsh realities of climate change: brutal droughts in Africa, dangerous rain floods in the Arabian Peninsula, and savage storms in the US.

In my own country of India, along with other parts of Asia, we are experiencing a severe heat wave with record-breaking temperatures, losing lives everyday. In Brazil, relentless floods, fueled by climate neglect, continue to wipe out entire cities.

At the same time, big players like the EU, UK, France, and the US are prepping for major elections that could really determine the direction of the climate crisis globally. These economies are a part of the G7 group which is responsible for 27% of global oil and gas production and nearly half of carbon pollution from new projects. We want them to elect leaders who will push hard for a fair, safe energy future.

So we are doubling-down on our efforts to hold the G7 accountable. When their leaders met in Italy this month, we demanded that they urgently stop funding fossil fuels abroad and provide fair finance for renewable energy in vulnerable countries.

We know we have the power and resources to reduce these frightening climate impacts!

As one of the 10 Most Influential Environmental Campaigns, our work matters, now more than ever before…

In Case You Missed It

Honoring Africa’s Renewable Energy Heroes

We kicked off June with a bang during our annual AfrikaVuka Week, led by 350 Africa. We honored local heroes in renewable energy through the AfrikaVuka Awards, celebrating incredible people and organizations from Cameroon, Senegal, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa for their dedication to renewable energy solutions.

Among the stars were individuals like Julius Mujuni, who has supported 190+ clean energy entrepreneurs, created 800 jobs, and offset 200,000+ metric tonnes of carbon in Uganda and groups like the Circle of Grand Pioneers, setting up decentralized renewable energy systems in Benin. For us these awards celebrate the rise of renewable energy in Africa, led by communities saying no to fossil fuels and yes to sustainable power! Congratulations to all the AfrikaVuka Awards winners – keep inspiring Africa and us all!

The Circle of Pioneers receive their AfrikaVuka Award at the AfrikaVuka Awards Ceremony in Benin. Photo credit: Cogito Arts Photography

Making the Future in Europe

With the European Parliament elections in full swing from 6-9 June, we knew it was our moment to raise our voices loud and clear! Across 13 countries in Europe, including Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Poland, Denmark, France, and Belgium, we joined forces in over 130 cities. Teaming up with our partners at Climate Action Network (CAN) International, we took to the streets with clear demands for climate and justice:

  • End fossil fuel finance and subsidies,
  • Tax the rich and make polluters pay,
  • Cancel the debt of Global South countries so the money can go to renewable energy.

We believe in the collective Power to the People: we have the right to decide how to manage politics, economics, and our energy systems. Our message was strong and unwavering: together, #WeMakeTheFuture!

Activists march in Germany on 2 June, ahead of European Parliament Elections. Photo credit: Santiago Rodriguez

Promoting a Fair Energy Transition

On 10 June, we had a powerful virtual press conference where we launched our Principles for Just Energy Transition Partnerships (JETPs). JETPs are collaborative efforts among countries to ensure a speedy transition for developing countries to renewable energy sources. Sadly, the reality is that expensive access to finance traps these nations in debt and takes resources away from funding this transition.

The Principles for JETP advocate for fairness, transparency, and equity in climate finance, ensuring developing countries can transition to renewable energy without falling into debt. Collectively developed by, and our partners, they aim to empower local communities, promote climate justice, and call on global leaders to support sustainable energy solutions for all.

An overview of the principles for just energy transition partnerships in developing countries. Taken from: Principles for a fair JETP by Recipient Countries

Flipping the Switch on Banks in Asia

Throughout Asia, our Flip the Switch Campaign gained momentum as we joined forces at the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) Asia Clean Energy Forum. From Bangladesh to Japan, our teams rallied in protest, urging the ADB to support a fair transition to cleaner energy across developing countries. We made it clear: no more funding for destructive projects like dams, nuclear facilities, waste-to-energy schemes, and fossil gas. Instead, we demanded a shift towards renewable energy sources. We called for transparency, fairness, and responsibility in investments and emphasized the importance of involving local communities in decision-making processes to protect their rights and livelihoods. Our activists protested directly outside ADB offices and project locations, showing the Bank that we are not backing down.

A hundred activists protest in front of the ADB headquarters, on 6 June, in Manila, the Philippines. Photo credit: 350 Pilipinas

One to Watch

Our fantastic team in Indonesia has just launched the long-awaited extended version of their film AdventuRE, where we explore the exciting challenges and opportunities of community-based renewable energy in Indonesia.

Have a look at Java’s powerhouse role in generating over 60% of the nation’s electricity, Bali’s bold steps towards a green energy transition, and Sumba’s eye-opening reality of unequal development:

Use Your Power

Are you sick of hearing about the devastating impacts of the climate crises? Do you want to do something about it? Join our movement by taking actions from signing a petition to organizing in your community for change. We’ve made it easy for you:

Skill Up Your Activism

We’ve talked a fair bit so far about the need for our leaders to take action against the fossil fuel industry.

But do you know where the real power lies? That’s right – it’s with us, the people! We’re the ones choosing our leaders and we are the ones rallying every day to push them for change.

Dive into our fun (and free!) 20-minute course, developed by the team, and discover how social movements like ours can win, even against the wealthy and politically connected fossil fuel industry.

Quote of the month

“The planet is trying to tell us something. Now is the time to mobilize, now is the time to act, now is the time to deliver.”

– António Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations on World Environment Day, 5 June 2024



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