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Earth Day this year has stirred a mix of emotions within us. Why? Because of the important news I want to share with you.

We are bidding farewell to May Boeve, our Executive Director who has been the guiding light of our movement’s journey. May has been with for over 15 years and we are so grateful for her incredible leadership and immensely proud of our work to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

This also feels like an exciting moment for us as we continue the fight against the greedy fossil fuel industry, ramping up all actions to demand fair, safe, and real climate solutions. We are eagerly awaiting a new visionary who will step into May’s formidable shoes. Read on to find out more!

May Boeve, Executive Director at announces her departure from the organization for later this year. Photo credit:

Our round-up of April is not complete with talking about Earth Month. 2024’s theme was Planet vs. Plastics, and we have all the evidence we need to know that the plastics epidemic is ANOTHER reason we must break free from coal, oil, and gas: 

  • The world’s top seven plastic-producing companies by volume are all fossil fuel companies. 
  • 98% of single-use plastics are made from fossil fuels.
  • Microplastics and other fossil fuel by-products are extremely dangerous to our health.
  • Plastics are another way for Big Oil to stuff their wallets while our communities suffer. 

Entering into a new era of our own leadership, we at 350 won’t give up until all of our world leaders direct public money, taxpayers money, into renewable energy projects and make polluters pay for the energy transformation we all need.

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A Goodbye

On Earth Day 2024 — a moment to celebrate our planet, our communities, and the incredible climate movement that strives every single day to foster connection and build a cleaner, safer, more equitable future — 350 shared some big news.

After fifteen years of building, including thirteen as Executive Director, May Boeve, the visionary force behind 350, is preparing to pass the baton onto new leadership. 

We cannot overstate the impact that 350 has had under May’s direction. Our victories have been nothing short of monumental: from organizing unforgettable large-scale mobilizations and halting major coal mines & gas pipelines (we stopped the Keystone XL!) to growing global divestment movements and supporting thousands of activists and climate fights around the world.

May’s leadership has grown 350 from a student-led university collective to a global organization of 144 staff in over 25 countries supporting a network of 500 local groups. But more importantly, her guidance has shaped us into a one-of-a-kind movement driven by values of care, creativity, justice, accountability, and collaboration. 

I hope my words resonate with you, as I say that our powerful climate movement will forever be grateful to May for her tireless dedication in fighting fossil fuels and pushing for clean energy solutions. 

Yet, as they say, when one chapter draws to a close, another, exciting one opens! We are now gearing up our efforts for a just energy transition under fresh leadership. If you know someone who is up to the task – share this job listing with your friends and networks. To echo May’s words: we will continue our work and continue it joyfully with one another.

May during her arrest outside the White House in protest of the Keystone XL pipeline in 2018. Photo Credit:

A Coal-free Victory in New Hampshire 

In yet another win for the climate movement, our friends in New Hampshire (NH), in the US – 350NH – helped shut down New England’s last remaining coal plant and usher in the transition to renewables. 

Not only will the New England region in the US be FREE of coal by 2028, but the coal company, Granite Shore Power, behind the plant says they will use the former coal plants as clean energy parks featuring solar arrays and battery storage.

We can all learn what persistence is from 350NH. They first won a major offshore wind campaign, then they successfully stopped a new proposed fracked gas pipeline and storage tank proving New Hampshire does not need coal, oil, or gas to meet their energy needs.

After five years of relentless pressure from direct action and lawsuits from 350NH, affiliates, and allies. Granite Shore Power was forced to make a plan that brings clean energy to a community that has been burdened by coal for far too long. 

Although Granite Shore is trying to claim that this was their plan all along, we’re pleased they’re, finally, on board. What’s more, this win happened in a region where the local government has not even acknowledged the coal problem. This just goes to show why public pressure is so important.

350 NH activists and allies protest on the river next to a coal mine in New Hampshire demanding its closure. Photo credit: No Coal No Gas Campaign

Echoing Earth’s Voices in Asia

Our team in Asia launched the Earth Voices Podcast on 1 April, marking the beginning of Earth Month. Purely run by our volunteers, this podcast spotlights climate grassroots campaigners in Asia and how they become an integral part of climate solutions.  

Hosted by Irene and Fathan, fellows of the Asia Solidarity Lab 2023, the podcast explores how these change-makers are building community-led solutions to environmental challenges head-on.

In episode 1 we meet Ara Alejo, a local activist from The Philippines who has ridden his way from student activism to leading climate campaigns. His campaigns with 350 Pilipinas show us how cycling and solar technology are paving the way for a greener tomorrow! Tune in now to hear his inspiring story!

“We are transmitting the voice of the earth through its community which takes action and inspires!” – 350 Asia

Ara leads the Ride to the Future campaign to promote inclusive mobility in Manila during the 350 global ‘Power Up’ campaign in 2023. Photo credit: 350 Philipinas

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From the Corridors of Coal to the Corridors of Life

For more than 25 years, an Anglo-Swiss company Glencore exploited Colombian territories with mega coal mines, causing ecocide and genocide for affected communities. Through efforts led by our partners and local communities, the government closed these mines last year. 

Now, under Colombia’s first progressive government, the former mining corridor is being transformed into what is being called a “corridor of life,” marking the nation’s first just energy transition initiative. 

Across the corridor, a coalition of local communities is designing alternative economies in synergy with renewable energy including cultivating mango, cacao and fique, developing products for circular economies and establishing renewable energy cooperatives from former coal miners. 

This diverse coalition of 13+ communities, including Indigenous Peoples, unions, women, and peasants are rooting this transition in ancestral wisdom of nature-care. 

On 22 April for Earth Day, we met representatives from government, trade unions and communities to discuss and share ideas on transitioning towards clean energy, including through community-led solutions. Sign this petition to join us in these moments that exemplify people’s power and demonstrate diverse communities’ ability to drive an inclusive and just shift towards alternative futures.

Indigenous community member shares views during the just energy transition event in Bogota, Colombia on 22 April 2024. Photo Credit:

One to Watch

With May Boeve departing 350, I’m sure you are wondering what is next for us? 

Well, hear from May herself on why now is such an exciting, high-energy moment for 350 to scale up our work fighting for climate justice and real solutions with a new visionary at the helm. 👇💬

Watch the Video

Watch the video


Use Your Power

World leaders are gathering in several important World Bank/International Monetary Fund (IMF) and G20 finance meetings during April and May. And of course, climate and financing the renewable energy transition are a crucial part of their talks. 

We are using these moments as an opportunity to ramp up pressure on rich governments to stop spending public money on coal, oil and gas and instead fund renewable energy

Our goal is to get every single person using 100% clean, safe and affordable renewable energy.

Will you join us in calling for our leaders to keep their climate promises on moving the money from fossils to renewables? Can we count on you to share this with friends and family?

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Skill Up Your Activism

Oftentimes, I find it incredibly hard to convince people that climate change is real and is happening right here, right now. I know, I know – even in 2024. This especially rings true during moments like Earth Month when the spotlight is on our planet.

Even though I have the data and the resources to backup my arguments on how climate change is hurting us, what I fall short of is making people relate. Observing real world climate change impacts happening around them can be the precious first step towards acknowledgement. 

That’s why I found this training super useful to start having those difficult conversations. These techniques provide a fantastic method to ground our conversations with family, friends, or even our friendly neighborhood grocer to discuss how the climate crisis is impacting what’s around us, and why we should all should care.

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Quote of the month

A vibrant, fair, and regenerative future is possible — not when thousands of people do climate justice activism perfectly but when millions of people do the best they can

Xiye Bastida, 21-year-old Mexican climate justice activist, Indigenous rights advocate, and storyteller.


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