What the future holds for us and our communities beyond COVID is deeply personal. We’re at a crossroads now — governments can choose to bail out large corporations that damage the health of people and the planet OR they can choose the better path. This is about our money, our jobs, our future — our lives. 

In July, the people who control the budgets of the world’s 20 richest countries, the G20, will meet to discuss how they spend trillions in public money on economic recovery and stimulus packages. It is time we take back ownership of the discussions and decisions made by leaders who have regularly failed us. People’s stories — your story — must be front and centre. 

Can you participate and share what a Just Recovery means to you? Here are some options.

1. Change your profile pic. Use the #JustRecovery Facebook frame.

Just Recovery Mask on Facebook


The Just Recovery mask is a symbol of our collective principles and demands. You can show your support on Facebook by adding a Just Recovery mask to your profile picture. Follow these links to try out the different versions:

Just Recovery Mask Black

Just Recovery Mask White

Just Recovery Mask Sun 1

Just Recovery Mask Sun 2

If you want to look them up manually, here’s how:

  1. In your Facebook account, click on your profile picture and select the “Add Frame” option.
  2. In the search bar, type “Just Recovery Mask”
  3. Select the “Just Recovery Mask” or “Just Recovery Mask Sun” by 350.org

You can also go beyond digital and get creative in the real world.


2. Create a mask.


Here are some tips on how you can turn your face mask into a Just Recovery one:

1. Stencil

You can use these designs to create a stencil and pin #JustRecovery patches to your mask. You just need a few household materials. Here is a quick guide to help you get going with stencils. Once you’ve stenciled your creative #JustRecovery patch, you can either pin or stitch the corners to your face mask. Feel free to create more than just masks too — posters, banners, badges and t-shirts are just some of the great ways to get your demands for a Just Recovery out there. Don’t forget to check out the Just Recovery Arts Kit for more materials.

2. Get creative

Use whatever materials you have (fabric, markers, paint, paper) to create your own message. What matters most to you?  Decorate your mask or perhaps a poster with your demand to hang in your window and public spaces. 

3. Share your message.


We need to make sure that big banks and politicians don’t just hear from corporations. Share your story and your photos on social media. What does a Just Recovery mean for you, and what’s most important to you as we recover from this global health pandemic? We need your vision for a Just Recovery, and to tell leaders why we need it now. You can share this as:

  • A photo of yourself in your homemade #JustRecovery mask.
  • A sign or a banner
  • A video message
  • Tweets, Instagram posts or stories

Share your vision on social media with #G20 and #JustRecovery hashtags (and whatever hashtag is important to your country).