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The EU elections are fast approaching and most countries head to the polls on the June 9th. We know if we want to have an EU Parliament that will respond to our calls for climate action, we need to ensure that everyone we know manages to go vote that day.

The best way to do this is make our own plan to go vote and then support others to do the same. Below are some handy tips for making your plan and some guidance for how you can talk to others about what’s at stake and why it’s important to vote.


  1. Find all the information you need about how to vote in your country including where to go and what to bring.
  1. Our Partner, Climate Action Network has created a scoreboard where you can check out the track record of the whole EU Parliament on climate action.

Encouraging others to go vote

If you have a lot of like-minded friends, the chances are they’re interested in voting for the same things you care about. But are all your friends and family aware of the election and planning to vote? Encourage them to make a plan together with you and if they seem reluctant here’s some suggestions for ways you can try to motivate them – and try to link these points to things you know they care about.

  • I’m very worried about the predicted outcomes of the EU elections. Explain how you’re feeling and make it personal to you….
  • Every year we’re seeing hotter summers and more devastating floods and droughts. It will only get worse, unless we act now and demand that international bodies like the EU take climate action.
  • We can’t let the European Parliament be dominated by parties who don’t prioritise the climate and the social justice issues we care about. It will have knock-on effects for all of the changes we want to see in our country, and in Europe as a whole.
  • Many people who share our values often feel skeptical about voting and question the usefulness of it but when all of them together don’t go vote, this can have a dangerous outcome. We have to take our values to polls and make sure they are represented at the EU level.

We are running some online ads to help increase voter turnout but internet giants like Facebook and Google are making it hard to promote anything related to elections, which is affecting our reach. That’s why we need your help to spread the word. Will you help us promote the tool we created to help get out the vote?

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