It’s easy to feel helpless when it comes to climate change. But the best way to feel hopeful again is to take action and share our stories:


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To end the age of fossil fuels we’ll need to see changes on a massive scale. Yet each and every small action, every social media post, every conversation we have is an important step along the way. We are all megaphones for the change we want to see.

People around the world are already gearing up to take action on 8 September.

If you haven’t signed up to host or attend a #RiseForClimate event yet, there’s still time for that. But if you can just take the small step now of sharing this video, putting a poster in your window, sending a tweet, or flagging the date with a community group you’re part of, you’ll be part of the ripple effect that could make this moment a turning point. As Lindsay tweeted when out flyering for Rise,“Community is everything!”.

We’re in this together!

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