There’s a groundswell of people fighting for climate justice in our communities. It’s happening in our backyards, in our towns and cities, and across the world.

Thousands of people are ready and inspired to Rise for Climate on 8 September. We’ll mobilize calling for real climate action, with a powerful message to local leaders everywhere: “It’s time to walk the walk.”

The Global Climate Action Summit this September will bring together elected leaders from all levels to make climate commitments. But we’ve seen empty political gestures in the past, and there’s no more time for that.

Watch and share the video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube, and help make our message ring out on 8 September: No more stalling, no more delays. It’s time for real climate leadership.

Already, people all around the world are leading on climate locally, and getting results. In Portland in the US, people have fought for policies to ban new fossil fuel infrastructure and transition to 100% renewable energy, building “fantastic public support” along the way. People power has so far won over 900 fossil fuel divestment commitments from cities, universities and other institutions. While in Peruíbe, Brazil, the community knocked down one of the largest proposed power plants in the world and blocked future mega-polluting projects.

Now it’s your turn.

Join or host a local Rise for Climate event to add your voice to the chorus of hundreds of thousands of people demanding a fossil free world.

Extreme weather events, forest fires and heatwaves are plaguing communities right now, while fossil fuel executives and crooked politicians continue to profit from environmental destruction. It’s time for a new standard in climate leadership.

You can play a role in ending these injustices for the sake of a cleaner, healthier, more just planet. Together we will win.

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