We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but it’s just a matter of days until Rise for Climate, so maybe the thought is already on your mind: what happens next?

First of all, take a moment to celebrate in the knowledge that you’re part of a beautiful, global movement that’s on the rise! Thousands of new people will take to the streets to demand real climate action from our local leaders.

After Rise for Climate, we have to make sure we keep that pressure up, and remind local leaders what a fossil free world means: no new fossil fuel projects and committing to a fast and fair transition to renewable energy before it’s too late.

Here’s three things you can do to keep things moving:

  1. Use the momentum.
    It’s important not to wait too long before you get back in touch with your event participants – whilst people are still paying attention right after Rise for Climate. Whether this is an update to your Action Network event attendees, your group email list or a Facebook or WhatsApp group, you can harness the energy from 8th September and funnel it into new forms of action. In this, time is your enemy, so try not to lose too much of it. We’ll be posting beautiful films, photos and stories from all the actions taking place around the world – so share them with people who took part and beyond!
  2. Organise a follow-up event.
    Having a follow-up event or meeting you can point people to after the 8th September will help you bring new interested people along with you — again, don’t leave it too long. This can be anything from a celebration get-together (bring snacks, share stories and screen the photos and videos from the day) to a meeting to form a new campaign group and plan what comes next where you live.  Register your follow-up events here so they show up on the Events map after 8th September.
  3. Start planning your next action.
    The fight for climate action is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. For local leaders to put their promises into action, we need to keep the pressure up for actionable commitments to our demands for a fossil free world. We’ll be providing all the resources you need to take action again with others locally. One month on from Rise for Climate, we’ll revisit our local leaders in even greater numbers! Watch for an action pack in your inbox after September 8th and mark October 8th in your calendars. Sign up to receive the action pack here

On September 8th we’re expecting tens of thousands of new people to join in the calls for real climate leadership. Let’s offer them lots of ways to keep rising for climate locally.

Exactly one month month after Rise for Climate, starting 8th October, we’re inviting you and 10 times more people globally to hold a simple but powerful local action for a Fossil Free world.  To really bring home the urgency of the climate crisis and the closing window for action.

Sign up here to receive a pack with everything you’ll need after 8th September to grow the local climate movement where you live and join the action.

Together we can build a Fossil Free world!