The journey of the United States toward the effective implementation of renewable energy solutions has been marked by significant progress and notable challenges. In recent decades, the nation has increasingly recognized the urgency of transitioning to sustainable energy sources to combat climate change and reduce its reliance on fossil fuels. Despite advancements, the journey is complex, with obstacles such as regulatory barriers, infrastructure limitations, and fluctuating political support. Organizations like, along with the many local groups that band together under the Network Council continue to push the envelope, driving the United States closer to a more sustainable and resilient energy future.

The 350 Network Council (350NC) is an association of the 12 largest independent 350 affiliates in the USA.’s affiliate groups are legally and financially independent organizations and they are’s closest allies. The affiliate groups run powerful grassroots campaigns for climate justice in cities and states across the country. Since 2009, community leaders and everyday citizens — including students, activists, farmers, teachers, and grandparents — have initiated local campaigns under the 350 banner, creating a nationwide network of more than 100 affiliates dedicated to mobilizing their communities within the global climate justice movement.

In 2018, partnered with these affiliate organizations to unite the most influential groups under a common goal: to amplify our impact through collaboration. The 350NC has facilitated training, coaching, strategic planning, and coordinated actions, all while maintaining laser focus on our core principles of climate justice and energy democracy.

The collaboration between and the 350 Network Council amplifies the impact of campaigns and helps connect local actions with a national narrative that underscores the urgency of the climate crisis. This partnership has led to impactful campaigns like the “Fossil Free Fed”, demonstrating the power of unity in efforts against the fossil fuel utility industry and the fight for a sustainable future.

In June 2023, the 350NC led a day of action to end the era of fossil fuels. This nationwide initiative mobilized over 2,000 participants in 65 actions across more than 25 states, including critical swing states. Through innovative tactics and the engagement of 70 partner organizations, the campaign spotlighted the urgent need for a transition to renewable energy and equitable climate solutions. The campaign’s message was amplified by significant media coverage, ensuring our demands reached a national audience and reignited the organizing base of the People vs Fossil Fuels coalition.

The 350 Network Council has made a significant impact by empowering communities and inspiring a shift towards renewable energy, leveraging community strength for systemic change. Through training, resource sharing, and coaching, it equips groups to foster a sustainable energy future. By promoting collaborations and grassroots initiatives for renewable solutions, the 350NC exemplifies the power of collective action, offering a blueprint for global communities to pursue climate justice collaboratively.


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