It’s dangerously hot in much of the world today, and it’s not sustainable. On September 8, people in 47 countries around the world will Rise to demand and showcase real climate leadership – so we can end the era of fossil fuels once and for all.

This will be big. But if we want to meet the scale that the climate crisis demands, it’s time for all of us to speak up and add our voices.

Each and every one of us has the power to add to this global effort. We need you to come on September 8, but we also need you to come arm in arm with those you care about. So let them know why you will #RiseForClimate.

Messages like these are personal. They cut through the noise of faceless news and reports. And they travel far – if all of us are sharing our motivations in our own networks, we will reach so many more new people than a typical news article ever could. Thousands more will be inspired to #RiseforClimate and leaders will know that people are serious about doing what it takes to stop climate change, now.

How to share?

Record your answer to the question below and share on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

It could be a simple photo with a quote, a longer response, a selfie video of you speaking  – just make sure you use the hashtag #RiseforClimate on your posts. And here are some more resources to go further. 

Why will you and your community #RiseforClimate this September? 

If we all take two minutes to share why we care, imagine the enormous ripple effect we can have. Our favorite posts will be gathered together and shown next to others from around the world. Together, we can show how this movement cuts across borders and geography, to protect our one and only planet. Here are some examples:


Kathleen Tolosa is the President of the Micronesian Youth Services Network and our Warrior Coordinator in Guam. This is why she is rising for #PacificPawa. . “I remember my first night in Majuro, Marshall Islands. I went to bed at 11pm but could not sleep until 3am. I was scared by the sound of waves mercilessly crashing against the sea wall some meters away from my room. My mind was plagued with what the ocean was capable of doing in just a matter of seconds. I remember thinking to myself to create an escape plan should the ocean decide to come further in. You see, this was a thought that never crossed my mind until that night. Before then, my familiarity with impacts of climate change was just between me and my computer screen. . As I lay wide awake that night —somewhat in a Fight or Flight mode— I felt heartbroken. I could not accept that our neighboring low lying islands who have the LEAST carbon emissions are the ones who suffer the MOST — at risk of losing EVERYTHING. . #RisewithPacific and help show the world what TRUE climate leadership is. Rise up and challenge our local leaders and institutions to make the pledge by 2020 and commit to the transition to renewable energy. . SIGN the petition then SHARE. You can also add the #pacificpawa frame on your profile pic to spread awareness. #350pacific #riseforclimate#pacificpawa . Dare to #RISE.”

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Get sharing! And if you’re not so in to social media or prefer a longer format, you can reach out with your story via email to