May 17, 2024

People Power in Collaboration: Advocating for Justice and Human Rights Amidst the Climate Crisis

As global leaders gathered at key international events like COP27 and the G20 Summit, our collective voice amplified the message that environmental and human rights struggles are inseparably linked.

During the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) from November 6th to 18th, 2022, human rights took center stage, when Alaa Abd el-Fattah, civil rights activist and one of the leaders of the Arab Spring embarked on a hunger strike, demanding the Egyptian government’s attention to the cause and securing his release. stood in solidarity with these calls, a deliberate acknowledgment of our view that human rights are central to the pursuit of climate justice.

At COP27, advocated for the recognition of “Loss and Damage” as a critical agenda item, which highlights the need for immediate action against the root causes of climate-induced devastations. This commitment was further evidenced by our support for the Kioa Climate Emergency Declaration, showcasing the resilience of Pacific communities at the forefront of climate impacts.

Our advocacy and support goes beyond these moments of attention: for instance, as we continue to campaign for the release of Hoàng Thi Minh Hồng, a revered colleague from Vietnam. Hồng’s arrest was a stark reminder of the risks faced by climate defenders worldwide. Despite her eventual guilty plea under duress, our movement to secure her freedom continues, highlighting the critical need for justice, especially as Vietnam accessed Just Transition funding. Hồng’s advocacy is central to the responsible use of such resources, ensuring they serve the communities most affected by climate change.

The G20 Summit in Indonesia presented another platform for our advocacy. Despite the summit’s theme of “Recover Together, Recover Stronger,” the suppression of civil society events revealed a glaring contradiction.’s presence at the summit and our support for activists worldwide underscored our belief in the power of community-led movements. By championing freedom of expression and human rights, we aim to ensure that recovery and resilience are inclusive and just for all.

Throughout 2023, our efforts exemplified the theme “People Power in Collaboration: Community-led Solutions, Global Impact,” underlining the indispensable role of grassroots activism in driving systemic change. By fostering collaborations that bridge environmental and human rights initiatives, we are not only fighting for a sustainable planet but also championing the dignity and rights of individuals and communities worldwide.


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