May 17, 2024

The Vital Role of Communities in Renewable Energy Adoption in Ghana

Ghana’s journey towards sustainable energy is powered by community-led initiatives, bridging the stark energy access divide between its rural and urban areas. This grassroots movement, driven by the urgent need for inclusive and sustainable energy solutions, has led to significant socio-economic progress and a reduction in inequalities.

The Renewable Energy for Communities Coalition (RE4CC), supported by and other partners, emerged from the successful opposition to a 700 megawatt (MW) coal-powered station. This alliance of civil society organizations, community leaders, and renewable energy experts is dedicated to promoting clean, reliable, and affordable energy by advocating for government investment in renewable solutions and leveraging the Renewable Energy Act of Ghana.

RE4CC’s work includes raising awareness, advocating for renewable energy policies, and launching projects like Solar for School, which not only brings light to classrooms but also nurtures environmental stewardship among students. Additionally, training sessions aimed at women and girls highlight the vital role of community participation in environmental advocacy, further driving the shift towards sustainable energy practices. plays a crucial role in this transformation, providing financial and technical support, facilitating knowledge exchange, capacity building, and policy advocacy. The alliance efforts to elevate the renewable energy conversation underscore the importance of community-centric approaches to achieving energy sustainability.


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