The final month of recruitment for the Rise for Climate global day of action on September 8th has kicked off. And all over the world local groups are taking to the streets to spread the word.

People in San Francisco and New York took a one-on-one approach and went door-knocking and headed out flyering (and sometimes brought a friend):

Some organisers in Manilla grabbed attention with dinosaur costumes and giant QR codes:

There was an ‘Artivism’ workshop in South Africa, harnessing the power of art to spread the word and inspire:

And in the same spirit Team Ghana are using posters from the Rise for Climate art project to catch peoples’ eye:

You can download a set of beautiful Rise for Climate posters by artists from 6 continents here or even generate your own with the Rise for Climate poster-maker

And everywhere in the world people are taking to social media and sharing their own story about why we’re Rising for climate.

Wherever you are in the world, and however much time you have, you can help build momentum towards Rise for Climate on 8 September. Here are 5 things you can do to spread the word.

There are already over 200 events planned worldwide, find out if there’s an event near you — and if not, there’s still time to get organising!