May Boeve

As we wrap up Earth Month 2024, 350 is looking to the future, not just the ongoing battles to keep fossil fuels in the ground where they belong, but the urgent need to champion renewable energy that’s fair and affordable around the world. So it’s with excitement that I share a personal milestone: After a tremendous 13 years at the helm of, the time has come for me to hand over the reins to new leadership.

Reflecting on my time with fills me with a deep sense of pride and hope. Leading this extraordinary organization has been more than a role; it’s been a transformative chapter in my life. Our journey has been marked by countless victories, both big and small, each as crucial as the next. While it would be impossible to list them all, I want to highlight a few significant milestones we’ve achieved together:

  1. The Global Divestment Movement: We started a campaign that has grown into a worldwide movement, persuading over 1,300 institutions to divest upwards of $40.5 trillion from fossil fuels. This movement reshaped how investments are viewed in the context of climate ethics and responsibility.
  2. Keystone XL Pipeline Resistance: A decade of relentless advocacy and mobilization helped halt this project, marking a significant victory for environmental justice and demonstrating the power of persistent, grassroots activism.
  3. The People’s Climate March: In 2014, we orchestrated one of the largest climate rallies ever, with 400,000 people in New York and simultaneous global actions. This massive mobilization influenced international climate policy discussions, showcasing the public’s demand for urgent climate action.
  4. Expanding Global Inclusivity: Over the years has become a truly global and diverse movement. We’ve worked hard to ensure our movement is inclusive, amplifying voices often sidelined in global climate discussions.
  5. Strategic Campaigns Against Fossil Fuels: Our targeted campaigns have successfully stopped numerous coal, oil, and gas projects worldwide, from Australia to Brazil and the United States, preventing massive carbon emissions.

I am deeply moved by these significant milestones we’ve achieved together. These accomplishments belong not just to me, but to every activist, volunteer, and supporter who has been part of this journey. They are a testament to our collective commitment to a sustainable future and showcase the impactful change we can achieve together.

As I prepare to step back this September, I am filled with gratitude and optimism. The foundation we’ve built is strong, and I am confident that the new leadership will continue to drive our mission forward with innovative strategies and renewed energy.

Now, we embark on a global search for a new Executive Director to lead into its next chapter. This exciting phase not only calls for a fresh and visionary leader but also aligns with our ambitious plans for the future. We are gearing up for major campaigns that will further our impact and drive the global transition to renewable energy. These plans are designed to build on our past successes and propel us towards even greater achievements in climate advocacy.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. Let’s keep pushing forward, with the same courage and conviction that have brought us this far.

Onwards always,

May Boeve

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