As the impacts of climate change hit home for many communities, acting in solidarity has never been more important.

So today, Tuesday 4th September, don’t miss the “Road to Rise: Global solidarity” livestream. It’s a chance to hear from Rise organisers around the world on what they’re planning and why — and what standing up together to #RiseForClimate means to them.

The call will be at 8:30 AM Pacific Time / 15:30 UTC / 17:30 CET (check timezones) and you can register and join it here:

Join the  livestream

Speakers will include Chuck Baclagon from the Philippines, Monica Perez Nevarez from Puerto Rico, Samai Gualinga in Ecuador, and Kristy Drutman, USA.

On 8th September we’ll #RiseForClimate with the urgency that the crisis demands — so join this call to get inspired and connected with others in this global movement!