It takes all of us -- reaching out to those around us, sharing stories and engaging -- in order to help make Rise for Climate a success. Here are ways that anyone, no matter your digital skill level, can use new media to help spread the word.

If you also want some basic tips on how to take good videos and photos on your mobile phone - check out our new guide.


      1. Invite your friends and family

        Send them an email, invite them to the RVSP page for a local event, call them, text them, send them an Instagram video. Whichever way you can, it’s important for you to reach out to those around you.

        Most Rise for Climate events are an open invitation to anyone who wants to join. Everyone can have a role to play. Your brother could help make food for people, your best friend could help take photos, a total stranger may be up for organising a banner-making session etc.

        It’s also important as 8 September gets closer to re-invite people! Reminders are crucial.

      2. Get Personal

        First-person stories are one of your most powerful recruitment tools.

        Why do you think it’s time for a fast and fair transition to 100% renewable energy for all?  Why are you joining? Share on your social media accounts why you have decided to join. When you post, use the hashtag #RiseForClimate

        Seeing the faces of real people that will be there, hearing about why they’re participating, and seeing them actually getting ready for the action can help your friends and followers imagine themselves being there too.

      3. Share what’s happening right now

        Are you passing out flyers? Making art? Holding local meetings? That’s awesome! Share footage, interview clips with participants and photos on your own social media.  That way people in your networks can see the momentum building and can better understand what joining Rise For Climate will involve.  And don’t forget to use #RiseForClimate so we can build the buzz and create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) globally too.

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      4. Ask people in your community to share and retweet

        It doesn’t have to be a big celebrity. It could be your local football team, a local musician/band or an elected official. Who in your community do people listen to and who has a big reach on social media? Ask them and see if they can help spread the word.

      5.  Amplify #RiseForClimate stories from around the world

        Like you, others around the world are sharing their own stories – check out all the latest content here. Use your social media accounts to share what’s going on in other communities far from yours.

        Check out the sample content and visual guides.