Multinational mining company Adani has announced that they are planning to start work on their new mega mine in Queensland, Australia before Christmas. But the Australian government still has the power to still stop them. If they act now.

Adani are desperate to get this coal project started and by announcing they have the cash to start digging for coal, it looks like they are trying to pressure the government to wrap up the approvals process.

The Traditional Owners of the land, Pacific Islands neighbours and Australians have been fighting to #StopAdani – but right now we need to pile on international pressure and make sure the Australian government doesn’t open up a new frontier for the coal industry.

Send a message to the Australian embassy in your country and let them know that the international community is watching Australia’s attempts to dig up 60 million tonnes of coal per year.

Bank after bank has ruled out investing in the Carmichael coal mine, but Adani are so desperate to exploit Australia’s resources that they announced they will self-fund the project. As Adani rush to start digging coal before Christmas, the people on the front lines are fighting back.

This week Traditional Owners in Australia joined with Pacific Climate Warriors and concerned students striking from school to protest climate inaction, and staged a sit-in at Australia’s Parliament House. They took their demands for self-determination and a safe climate future right to the front door of Australian politics.

Add your voice to their call to #StopAdani.

Photo credit: Australian Youth Climate Coalition

Australia cannot afford to unleash anymore carbon into the atmosphere. Already the nation is experiencing ferocious bushfires, widespread droughts and deadly heat waves that are being exacerbated by climate change. On the day Adani announced financing for their mine, over 100 bushfires were burning out-of-control in the state where the project will be built, fueled by temperatures over 40°C (140°F).

The decisions made by the Australian government today will have a serious impact on the future for all Australians, for their closest geographic neighbours in low-lying Pacific Islands, and the globe. No matter where in the world this coal is burned, it will contribute directly to climate change.

The latest IPCC special report into keeping global warming under 1.5°C makes clear that if we want to avoid devastating climate impacts on humanity’s health and welfare, we have to leave fossil fuels in the ground.

The Adani mega mine is one of the crucial anti-coal campaigns that make staying under 1.5°C possible. 

Send your #StopAdani message to the Australian embassy and let the Australian national government know the world doesn’t want this polluting mega coal mine.