This is big. Really big. Pope Francis has just called for urgent collective action to repair our common home, and given his blessing to ‘citizen pressure groups’ organising ahead of the Global Climate Action Summit in September. That means us.

Just before the Summit, we will put that pressure on with a global day of action.

On September 8th, thousands of people will come together in towns and cities across the world to demand our local leaders take bold action on climate change and commit to a fossil free world. Will you Rise for Climate with us?

Yes, I’ll Rise for climate

One week before civic leaders meet in San Francisco for the Global Climate Action Summit, we will mobilise to show that true climate leadership means nothing less than a fast, fair and just transition to 100% renewable energy, an immediate end to new fossil fuel projects and a break of all financial ties with the fossil fuel industry.

We’ll be demanding that local and civic leaders step up, rise up, and take action to stop climate change – and each gathering, however big or small, will help build momentum.

It’s not just about what’s decided in the corridors of power at the Summit itself, but also about the wave of wins and commitments that can be made in your town, city, university, local institutions, place of worship or community. It’s up to us to make this more than a political flashpoint. Mobilizing globally will send a powerful and necessary message that communities are rising up everywhere to stop fossil fuels and demand real climate leadership at the Summit and beyond.

The Pope’s call will reverberate around the world, influencing Catholics and non-Catholics alike, and we need to grab this opportunity and push forward. Together we’ll rise on 8 September. Will you?

Check out events happening near you or register one at:

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