We did it!  Another pipeline has just been defeated, thanks to people power.

After years of campaigning, the New York State Department of Environmental Conversation (DEC) announced their denial with prejudice of the key water permit needed for the Williams Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) fracked gas pipeline to be built. This dangerous and risky pipeline would’ve transported roughly 400 million cubic feet of fracked gas from the state of Pennsylvania to New York City every single day

With the amazing groups in the Stop Williams Coalition and tens of thousands of New Yorkers, we fought this unnecessary and risky $1 billion, 23-mile pipeline for 3 years. And it wasn’t just a regional battle – the repercussions of this denial will be felt across the United States.

Last spring,  U.S. President Trump passed an executive order that would make it easier for the pipeline to be built. Its denial sends a signal to frackers and fossil fuel project backers everywhere that we don’t need more fossil fuel infrastructure in our country. 

The denial was with prejudice. It means that Oklahoma-based Williams Company cannot reapply for this permit, like they did last year when we won for the first time. The project is now effectively dead

I am so elated right now. We won this campaign through sustained people power. Awesome grassroots organizers, activists, and local groups all came together as the Stop the Williams Coalition.  And the fight didn’t taken place in a vacuum, either. With our allied groups like New York Communities for Change, Sane Energy, Food and Water Watch and 350 local groups in Brooklyn and New York City, and tens of thousands of New Yorkers, we also won nation-leading city legislation to mandate that large buildings become more efficient; secured a mayoral executive order banning new fossil fuel projects in and supplying New York City; and advanced action by elected officials to challenge fossil fuel financiers, building on a groundbreaking city pension fund divestment commitment in 2018.

Now is our chance to come together and join forces to demand an end to all new fossil fuel infrastructure. Although we’re happy and celebrating this victory today, we still have to mobilize for more difficult fights, like stopping the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. We have to keep harnessing this people power to push for and implement a Green New Deal, and an end to fossil fuels for good. We have the power to ensure our loved ones’ and our communities’ futures are vibrant and not under the cloud of a climate crisis. 

Can you help share the news about this important victory and this all-around good news story?

Thank you for being part of this amazing campaign!

For more information about the Williams pipeline and the coalition who campaigned against it, visit www.StopTheWilliamsPipeline.org