The huge storms Super Typhoon Mangkhut and Hurricane Florence approaching the Philippines and the East Coast of the US are among seven named storms simultaneously active across the globe.

We’re thinking of everyone in the path of these storms. Climate change is putting people in the eye of stronger hurricanes and more extreme and dangerous weather, right now — and we have to take action.

That’s why last weekend, just before mayors and local leaders gathered this week for a global summit in California to discuss climate solutions, more than 250,000 of us in 95 countries took to the streets to push for real climate leadership.

We know the future we want — and it’s powered by the sun, wind and water. This future is 100% possible, and some local leaders are already listening and taking the necessary action.

Hundreds of cities, banks, schools, pension funds, museums and faith groups have already committed to go Fossil Free. On Monday, the mayors of New York and London challenged every city in the world to divest. This momentum is real, but we need local leaders everywhere to understand that to prevent dangerous climate change, we have to stop all new fossil fuels and make a fast, fair transition to a 100% renewable world — now.

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We know the stakes are high. Let’s keep the pressure up.

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