Just weeks before the Rise for Climate mobilisations, it is getting busy in European cities. People from all walks of life are preparing to take climate leadership in their own hands and demand an end to fossil fuels and a fast and just transition to 100% renewables.


Andrew from Turku, Finland, is a retired teacher and has decided that it was time to get active, because, in his own words, “Finland never has any climate events”. For the 8th of September he’s planning a demonstration followed by a picnic. His friend designed posters for the event, and Andrew is putting them up in the city and mailing other teachers to get involved.

To get people’s attention to his event, he is promoting it in the pedestrian area of Turku, and talking to passers-by. As a teacher, he’s aware that our children will inherit this planet and therefore tries to involve people of all ages in the discussion about climate change.


In Rome, Italy, Neal believes that Rise for Climate is “a perfect example of how local action has the potential to influence global climate politics.”

Neal is originally from California, USA, and is starting a distance master’s program in Global Energy and Climate Policy. He didn’t have to think twice about mobilising for action: his uncle and aunt had to be evacuated from their homes during one of the recent California wildfires. It is clear to him, that “global warming affects all of us, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, socio-economic class or political party.” Frustrated by the climate politics of the current US and Italian governments, Neal decided to take fate in his own hands. On the 8th of September he will be hosting an event in a public square to educate people about switching to a renewable power provider.


For Nora of Barcelona, Spain, organising a Rise for Climate event comes with a full change in her personal life: she’s quitting her job in October to become a volunteer. She couldn’t find purpose in her work anymore and realised that there are greater problems “than selling more loans and houses to people”. From now on, she wants to put her energy to work on topics like nature, forests, and climate change. Together with some friends, Nora organises an eco-brunch for climate, followed by small group workshops. If you’re in the area, why don’t you join Nora?


David, who is also from Spain, is organising an event in Leon – even though his region has a long tradition of coal mining. He writes to us in strong words: “We cannot keep thinking we are the center of the universe, but rather have to acknowledge that we are a part of it. It is time to build the future we want, and stop making money for the sake of making money.” We couldn’t agree more. When we ask why he chose to get involved, he says: “I prefer to preserve this fortunate place in the Universe called Earth, that’s why I Rise for Climate!” David is trying to change people’s minds by organising a film screening with a discussion on the 8th of September.


What is your story? Share it with us on social media using the #RiseForClimate hashtag. Find a mobilisation close to you or organise an event yourself.