Why we Rise

People around the world have been sharing why they’ll #RiseForClimate.


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Everyone has a different personal motivation for taking action to stop the climate crisis, and that’s one of the reasons our movement is so unique and powerful.

We spoke to organisers and participants getting ready to Rise on 8 September about what moves them to action. Every day people are posting on social media about why they’ll #RiseForClimate, too.

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You can explore peoples’ stories below — and don’t forget to post on social about why you’re rising, too. By sharing your own perspective, you can connect with and inspire your friends and networks in a way that only you can.

Portia – Ghana

“I’ll #RiseforClimate because in Ghana, our government said they’d achieve their 10% renewable target by 2020, but this year they pushed it back to 2030.

I believe it’s time for leaders to Rise and Walk the talk to achieve the target, and because it’s a good opportunity for Ghanaians to take part in the shift to renewable energy.”


Taha – Istanbul, Turkey

“I’m rising because in my city we see climate effects of heavy summer rains – it becomes an economic problem.

In other parts of Turkey the effects are different: wildfires, and floods. I’m studying to be an environmental engineer – but I want to help the climate now.

It’s my first time being an activist.”

Michael – Abuja, Nigeria

 “I #RiseforClimate because none of the top political parties in Nigeria are talking about climate. This is a hugely fossil fuel dependent country.

At this stage we should be implementing the Paris agreement. We want to make sure that these parties have renewable energy in their platforms.”

Philipp from Mainz, Germany

“The city here is called Mainz, it lies at the Rhine river – I’ve been living here 9 years and I already see that the frequency and intensity of floods are increasing. It happens again and again. People living close to the river are flooded, the city is spending lots of money

In Germany, there have been big mobilizations against coal in lots of different cities. I participated some but was disappointed there was nothing in Mainz – because it’s the capital of the Rhineland coal mining area of Germany. Then I got an email for Rise and thought, this is a chance to do something so I started organizing.”

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Mykola and Diana from Lviv, Ukraine

“It depends on our participation how far our city and the entire country will develop” – on the campaign for the city of Lviv to go 100% renewable.

Stephen, Paul, Isaac and Innocent, Kenya

“We Rise for Climate so as to deCOALanise Kenya.”  Read the full article.

Social media snapshots from around the world

From people in the Pacific and India experiencing the effects of climate change first hand, to mothers in fierce defence of their childrens' futures, to people organising in communities where many layers of injustices and inequalities are wrapped up with the climate crisis -- here are just some of the reasons why we are Rising.

Thanks to everyone for sharing your perspectives. The things that move each us to action are powerful, and they’re worth sharing. So let’s keep speaking up about the things that concern and inspire us.

And if you’re not made the leap to get involved yet, there’s still time to find or organise a Rise for Climate event near you.

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